Q-Lite Co.,Ltd. has been established for more than 20 years, Taiwan's professional bike headlights manufacturers, with their own independent development and design capabilities, consistent operating procedures by all customers affirmed and recognized, but also reduced a lot Large costly research and development costs, the cost is more competitive, especially direct / indirect export export, every year to surrender the brilliant transcripts.

In accordance with the international trend of the establishment of the mainland Huizhou plant, the factory across Taiwan and the mainland, marketing Europe, the Americas, Central and South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia countries in the world, really spacious Secretary to bring a broader business opportunities, rapid growth, in addition to strong work Team elites, the quality of the strict requirements and critical is the company has always adhered to the principle, so long won the favor of the world's vast customer base.






Q-LITE for professional bicycle lamp factory, each product has passed CE certification, some products through the German K-mark, British BS, France TPL certification. Q-LITE for the European Spanninga Group Sino-foreign joint ventures, Spanninga company in the Netherlands has been nearly 100 years of history, and Q-LITE more than 20 years of light technology, is definitely a strong RD R & D team.

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